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Celebrate your space with Les Intérieurs de Marine ! As your dedicated interior decorator, I specialize in bringing your vision to life. Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to suit your needs. Let's transform your home together. Book a consultation today !

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Coaching déco

Interior Coaching

Looking for decor inspiration ?

Receive professional guidance to realize your vision with confidence. I'll address your queries, pinpoint your requirements, and elevate your spaces. From revamping with color and lighting to optimizing flow and decluttering, I'll provide tailored advice and decor tips.

Let's transform your space into a distinctive sanctuary together!


Interior Coaching  

Before our meeting at your home, I'll send you a questionnaire to understand your project and tailor my approach. During our 2-hour appointment (additional hours optional) at your place, we'll discuss your desires, ideas, and lifestyle to best meet your needs. I'll then provide you with decor advice suited to your budget and tastes, along with tips for optimizing layout and design (including furniture rearrangement if necessary), and recommend decorative elements. We'll select colors from swatches, guide the furniture and decor style to create harmony in your spaces.

Conseils déco et aménagement express

And what's next ? A decor portfolio awaits you

In your inbox, you'll receive your "decor portfolio." It includes a detailed summary of our meeting (selected references, ideas, impactful advice, and recommendations from the session). But that's not all!
You'll also find inspirational photos for better visualization, great shopping spots, and key concepts in terms of decoration or arrangement.
No need to take notes during the meeting!



  • €340 VAT included* for a 2-hour session (€130 per additional hour)

* No travel fees within a 20 km radius of Miremont (France). Beyond this distance, ta charge of €1/km will apply.
A 30% deposit is required to confirm the appointment. The remaining balance will be settled at the end of the consultation.  

Interior Design

Design d'intérieur

Space Design in 2D

Are you eager to breathe life into your decorating project but require guidance and advice?

I provide a thorough analysis of your project, encompassing circulation, spatial dimensions, and aesthetics, showcased through mood boards and detailed layout plans. Prior to our meeting, a questionnaire outlines the key aspects of your project, which we further refine during our home visit.

Our conversations about your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations culminate in a tailored study that precisely aligns with your needs.



Initial Decorative Diagnosis and First Meeting  

  • Our initial contact is designed to understand your needs, expectations, budget, and project timeline
  • During the in-home-consultation, I conduct a thorough assessment, including measurements, photographs, identifying technical constraints, and creating existing plans if needed. We delve into in detailed discussions about your preferences, desires, and lifestyle to develop personalized specifications for your project
  • After our meeting, you'll receive a detailed quote outlining my fees, with services customized to your project and requirements 

Creative phase and planning   

  • Development of 2D layout plans
  • Detailed aesthetic study : I present you with atmospheres especially designed for your project, illustrated in the form of visual boards (inspiration, trends, materials, colors) 
  • Validation of your choices to kick off the design phase  

Detailed Design phase

  • Creation of final dimensioned layout plans to guide the implementation of your project 
  • Creation of custom carpentry plans (optional) to ooptimize space utilization 
  • Selection of decorative inspirations : furniture (tables, sofas...), lighting suitable for the overall ambiance, and accessories (rugs, curtains, frames...) 


  • From 500€ VAT included* (accessible remotely)
* No travel fees within a 20 km radius of Miremont (France). Beyond this distance, ta charge of €1/km will apply. No travel fees for remote sercices. 

3D Visualization

Bienvenue chez vous ! Un accompagnement dédié aux particuliers

Welcome Home !

Need ideas or time for your decoration or renovation project ?

3D modeling shows you your transformed interior, tailored yo your specifications. Enjoy the preview of volumes, colors, layouts, and decoration. Gain serenity and clarity to approach your project. 

Before our meeting, a questionnaire guides your project, adjusted during our interview. Our exchanges define a personalized study, reflecting your lifestyle and desires, for a transformation in line with your expectations. 

The steps


Decorative diagnosis and initial briefing

We begin with an initial contact where you outline your needs, expectations, and ideas for your decoration or renovation project. We discuss your preferences in terms of style, colors, materials, and everything that is important to you in your space. 

To better understand your needs and preferences, I will send you a detailed questionnaire taht addresses various aspects of your project, such as budget, deadlines, technical constraints, and aesthetic preferences.   

Site visit and measurement survey 

  • Home visit : I conduct a comprehensive survey (preliminary measurement and photographic surveys, technical constraints, creation of existing plans if not provided). We delve into your preferences, desires, and lifestyle to develop your personalized specifications.   
  • Delivery of a detailed quote of my fees including services tailored to your project and requirements. 

Preliminary Design Proposal (APS)

Offering a creative concept, providing an overarching vision that will serve as the guiding principle throughout the project 

  • Initial project conceptualization I develop sketches, plans, and diagrams to visualize the initial ideas and concepts of your project.  
  • Aesthetic study with layout and style proposal : I present visual boards featuring inspirations, trends, materials, and colors to help you envision your future interior. 
  • Presentation of initial sketches and proposals : I submit initial sketches and proposals to gather your feedback and any necessary adjustments to tailor the project to your preferences and needs. 

Final Projet Design (FPD)

Refinement of project details, finalization of choices, and plans. 

  • 3D space design : I create detailed 3D models of all the spaces in your project, allowing for a realistic visualization of your future interior (visuals are not contractual).   
  • Decorative element proposals : I present suggestions for furniture and decorative elements, nnot final, to help you better visualize your space. 
  • Finalization of definitive layout plans : Once the choices are validated, I finalize the layout plans to ensure optimal arrangement of various elements in your space. 
  • Custom woodwork plans : If necessary, I create detailed custom woodworking plans, including dimensions and materials to be used. 
  • Pre-selection of furniture and decorative elements : I offer a selection of furniture and decorative objects in line with your needs and tastes, presented in the form of detailed shopping lists with references and prices. 
  • Consultation with companies and artisans : If artisanal work is required, I consult my network of qualified artisans to obtain detailed quotes and descriptions of the work to be done. 
  • Listing of necessary supplies : I provide you with a comprehensive list of supplies needed for the project, including wall and floor coverings, credenza, linght fixtures, and any other essential elements for the realization of your project. 

Site aesthetic supervision

Watch your project come to life ! 

  • Connecting with construction companies, artisans 
  • Assitance in creating the provisional schedule and drafting detailed site descriptions of each trade, participation in site meetings (not necessary) 


Let's decorate ! 

  • Selection and validation of finishes : decorative items from the shopping lists compiled during the preliminary design phase 


  • From €1,000 VAT included * (accessible remotely)

* No travel fees within a 20 km radius of Miremont (France). Beyond this distance, ta charge of €1/km will apply. No travel fees for remote sercices. 

* Please note taht our interior decoration service does not include work coordination or project management. We are here to provide you with our expertise and assistance in the design and execution of your interior decoration project. 

Deco Shopping

Mon coup d'œil à votre service, un accompagnement dédié aux particuliers

My expert eye at your service 

Looking to revamp your bedroom? Need some decor purchases to create the perfect ambiance? Or perhaps a new sofa? Coordinating these elements can be daunting. 

Once we've defined your desired ambiance, budget, furniture, finishes and decor needs, I'll accompany you on your shopping trips. Save time and avoid mistakes with my personalized assistance in finding all the necessary items for your interior: sofas, kitchenware, chandeliers, cushions, light fixtures, mirror, curtains, artworks, and much more! 

Let me bring your vision to life with my keen eye for design! 

Appointment slots
Half-day (3h) : 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm, weekdays and Saturday mornings 
Full-day (5h) : weekdays on


  • Half-day €180 incl. VAT / 3 hours 
  • Full-day €275 incl. VAT / 5 hours 

A la carte options

Add options to your package or choose your services à la carte.

Planche d'ambiance

Deco Shopping 

It's not always easy to spot, coordinate, and match the various elements of a decoration to ensure harmony. No worries, I'm here to assist you with your in-store or online shopping session during a deco shopping session to select furniture, wall coverings, lighting, and decorative finishes to create the interior of your dreams! 

This package offers a real time-saving solution, avoiding hours spent browsing through decoration stores without really knowing what we're lookinf for. I help you find chandeliers, cushions, light fixtures, curtains, mirrors, clocks, paintings, sofas, finishes..., with my expert eye at your service! 

Free quote upon request. 

Liste shopping complète

Shopping List

Receive a curated shopping list of furniture, materials, and decorative items with detailed references for each item (store, price, quantity...). 

I'll source the items that will fit perfectly into your interior and provide you with the complete list. 

Price : 

From €130 incl. VAT (per space / per function) 

Mood Board

Aesthetic study with mood board, including inspiration and materials. 

These mood boards will allow you to visualize the style and ambiance we've defined together, along with various materials and colors you can incorporate. They provide a range of options (e.g., multiple wallpaper designs, light fixtures...).

Price : 

From €120 incl. VAT (per space / per function).

For all à la carte services, travel fees are included within a 20km radius of Miremont; beyond that, a per kilometer fee will be applied (€1 per additional kilometer).


Gift card

Stuck for gift ideas? For a birthday, Christmas, celebration, wedding, housewarming, or just to bring joy, give an original and customizable gift to a loved one! 

Give a deco gift card! 

Need decor advice for a room (for friends who have just moved in or had a child, for a friend looking to redo their kitchen or living room...) ? Contact me and I'll offer you a tailored gift card.

1.5-Hour Deco Consultation for €260

During this 1.5-hour session (available either in-person or via video conference), we'll dive into your project needs, including :  

  • Layout and decor recommendations for spaces like child's bedroom, master suite, or guest room. 
  • Guidance on optimizing your home office setup. 
  • Crafting the perfect mood, selecting colors (with a color chart), and choosing materials for your living space. 
  • Expert advice on lighting solutions tailored to each area of your home. 

I'll provide advices and creative ideas to enhance your project!


Custom package (on demand)

Here are a few examples of my services : 

No travel fees within a 20 km radius of Miremont (France). Beyond this distance, ta charge of €1/km will apply. No travel fees for remote sercices.

Make an appointment

My additional services to perfect your decoration

  • « Deco Shopping » : I accompany you to shops and assist you in choosing furniture, light fixtures, and decorative finishes. er, luminaires, objets décoratifs…

  • « Shopping List » :I prepare a list of purchases to help and guide you with your shopping (furniture and decorative itemps) 

  • « 3D Visualization » : A 3D plan to give you a concrete vision of your project

A project study quote can be provided freely if you desire more assistance. 

As an Ambiance Creator based near Toulouse, I specialize in Interior Design throughout the Haute-Garonne department (31) and throughout France and abroad (remotely).

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